Last month the area of focus was sleep, so I hope that you are feeling physically refreshed and mentally alert. As you will discover in Dr Zoe Williams’s film, exercise can have a similar affect!

Over the lockdown period, it appears that the exercise habits of the population have diverged, with some upping their game and others finding that working from home has led to a permanent state of lethargy. Possibly due to the absence in the commute and the closing of exercise facilities, the number of people who would typically sit in the middle of the spectrum has diminished.

Whilst most recognise the physical health benefits that exercise enables, it is not so widely acknowledged as being a great strategy for the promotion of mental health; nor that it activates the release of a number of hormones – from the endorphins that help ease pain to serotonin that makes us feel happier, exercise (once done) tends to be highly positive for mood and mindset.

If you find exercise a tough thing to conquer, try not to focus on the input as this will simply make things feel like a chore. Instead, concentrate on the output and the potential positive impact it can have on your mind, body and soul!

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong and stay together.