Last week I was putting some more films together for The Festival of Us. Not only did the three of us involved (albeit in a socially distanced way) manage to pull some great footage together, we also had a good old natter. Of course, Covid dominated conversation, and one area where we were all agreed was that people are finding the second wave much more challenging. The good intentions that were evident at the start of the pandemic; exercising, resetting and looking after the local community, seem for many, to have evaporated. I think it is time to revisit these intentions and whilst the novelty of having a cup of tea on the front drive with your neighbour may have worn off, we do need to think how we can support ourselves and the people around us.

This month we look at the topic of ‘Priorities’ – in a way this is another message to encourage you (individually and collectively) to align yourself to what is important to you. With the possibility of tough times ahead, focusing on the moment can be useful. With that in mind, simply asking yourself what today’s priority is could be a good habit to adopt.

Stay well, stay safe, stay strong and stay together.