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The perfect vaping hardware which is fully straight forward

The nerd club is a very nice classy disposable vape equipment. Arrives prefilled with clean 20mg smoking salt e water and a completely billed electric battery. Extremely simple and simple to use. Merely take away the technology from box and you are really all set. No keys to press, inhale to vape. As soon as bare, merely dispose of and pick up a replacement. The nerd Bar is powered by a 500mAH battery, has a 2ml prefilled ability tank and renders around 575 puffs, very similar to as much as 40 cigarettes.

Title Geek bar arises from title of this maker Geekvape.

The technical club is manufactured by Geekvape. Geekvape am started in 2015 as an innovative technologies company. And it is nowadays considered to be a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality vaping methods, tanks and coils.

Over 5 years of vaping invention modern technology and research has served to master the Geek bar vape throwaway equipment innovation and style.

The nerd pub is created in China

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Just what is a Geek club?

The Geek bar happens to be a disposable vape tool which comes pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt premium elizabeth fluid.

The 2ml e liquid capacity offers at minimum 575 flavorful puffs. Very similar to 40 plus traditional cigarette smoking.

Smoking salt age drinks happen to be made available to your computer a lot faster than typical freebase nicotine elizabeth beverages and provide a faster smoking strike to effectively match your smoking urges, similar to that of a standard tobacco.

Each nerd pub vape offers a 2ml e liquid potential aquarium. And appear prefilled with 2ml of premium top quality elizabeth water with 20mg nic salt and gives 575 consistent tasting puffs, the same as 48 tobacco.

Showcasing Geekvapes continuous result and a consistent style technique for that full longevity of battery power. Each smoke you are taking over a geek club keeps a frequent style from beginning to end.

It comes with a totally recharged 500 mAH lithium-ion power. The big 500 maH battery pack will offer a frequent vape and preferences per from the 575 plus puffs.

The technical pub vape makes use of high-quality organic cotton fiber for your wick. Organic thread offers the top level of taste your owner in comparison with different wicking components.

Each device is colored for the matching pre-filled elizabeth water season with a wooden jewel pattern with a superior beauty outer cover using top-notch plastic materials.

The design from the bar is ergonomic, incredibly tactile and can feel excellent in your hands. The smooth exterior layer and ergonomic mouthpiece try an absolute satisfaction to work with.

All Geekbars are actually hermetically sealed in a case before becoming packed into a box to make sure that the item is entirely sterile.

Weighing 105 x 23.2 times 14.3 mm and measuring around 30 gr one wont know it is with you.

Overall this is often a terrific and trendy design and style produced using the top quality items and parts which delivers a fantastic vaping experience for consumer.

Technical taverns happen to be worthy of all vapers. However, it happens to be ideally suited to newbie vapers transitioning from puffing to vaping.

Very user friendly easy and nice and clean

Merely take away the Geek bar within the package and its willing to vape.

Merely inhale to the mouthpiece to vape. There won’t be any control keys to push, it is automatically inhale-activated.

Simply put it with you and out you decide. After you’ve used-up all the pre-filled age water. Simply discard they carefully and catch a new one.

It is rather useful. No links to accidentally spring. No reason to recharge, referring entirely pre-charged. Fully prefilled and leak-proof. There are no messy aquarium refills or coil adjustment expected.

What Geek bar flavours are readily available?

Geek pubs are available in 20 identifiable mixed flavours with a real easy tastes: blueberry frost, sweet strawberry, apple frost, watermelon ice, menthol, tobacco smoking, bitter piece of fruit, lychee ice, banana snow, peach ice, strawberry ice-cream, grape, lemon tart, interest fresh fruit, eco-friendly apple, blueberry ripple periodontal, white lemonade, blueberry sour berry, geek berg and blackcurrant menthol.

The favourite technical bar flavours being: blueberry frost, banana frost, peach frost, sweet strawberry and watermelon snow in the order.

Geek pub requirements

Measurement: 105 times 23.2 by 14.3 mm

Lbs: 30 grams

Power: 500mAH inbuilt power

Internal reservoir ability: 2ml

Puffs: 575 puffs

Nicotine content material: 20mg nic salts

Coil unresponsiveness: 1.40 1.50 ohm coil

Optimal electricity: 9 watts

Package items: 1 times technical club

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TPD compliant remedies

All geekbars hardware and elizabeth liquid are actually entirely tpd certified goods

Even more information regarding nerd club production

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