Premium Five Spoiler alert in advance for several information on Five. See at your personal prudence.

Spoiler alerting ahead for a few information about Five. Browse your personal prudence.

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Hector Nieves happens to be a 15-year-old Mexican-American that is best friends with Miko. They work at Hinobi’s stock and that heis also a Glitch Tech user to combat and hook glitches. He’s a puzzle-oriented player in comparison to the Miko and in most cases develops the campaigns and strategies to battle bugs, making him the minds to Miko’s brawn.

Five grew up by their pops, Emilio, for the majority of of his own child. The guy grew up warm on-line computer games, which love of online games is reinforced and urged by his or her daddy who does typically wait with your away from Hinobi store for new secretes. His own pops could grab Five to Geri’s classic game stock daily after class. When he would be 5 to 6 years of age, he struggled to help his own dad elevate funds when you do a lot of employment, including working on his or her Papi’s dinners pickup, for making a reservation to experience his birthday party at Joystick Jr, but then it was sad to say blasted with the lack of the Ralphie carry animatronic. It might be reported that Five would go along with his or her dad to your workplace routinely.

It isn’t really defined any time, but before the functions with the television series, seven’s dad would be apprehended for hacking a security system. Afterwards, Five set out coping with his or her grand-parents and assisting using your food car considerably. Happily, his grand-parents additionally help his love for on-line computer games. They even voluntarily obtained Five into Hinobi Smash contest after they found out he’d was given a bracelet that recommended he had been among the best gamers from inside the city.


Excellent Five is a and compassionate youngster who adore playing on-line computer games and can do just about anything to experience their aim, never ever quitting. Generally speaking Five areas we it isn’t scared to face as many as many as he feels its necessary to accomplish. While Five is usually logical and liable, when under anxieties and pressure level (or a robust experience as a whole), they becomes careless and doesnt consider issues entirely out or certainly. Once afraid or stressed, hell even start to over-think situations and take stuck in his mind.

Five comes with a tendency to concern the unfamiliar, then when assigned work, he is usually nervous to do not succeed they, trusted everyone like Mitch to maneuver him wrong. Five frequently gets jammed within his personal brain, unable to function into the instant, his head as well whole to travel the distance.

Once four do step out of his very own brain, he is competent at placing the puzzle of every event together, like in “Castle spider” as he saved the loot accumulated in the event that he would wanted something eventually. Their plans hardly ever be unsuccessful, and once his or her intuition get caught up, he is one of the more dangerous problem specialists about.

While Five happens to be a person that prefers to assume before they serves, any time aggravated with stronger feelings such outrage or stress, the guy can turned out to be impulsive and certainly will join people and on occasion even occasionally, though seldom, reset their own memory space on purpose or on incident.

Five in addition displays a desires to stick to and continue with the laws it isn’t nervous, albeit timid, to-break all of them. Five normally proven to sit sometimes always keep themselves and neighbors from getting back in difficulty or perhaps to excite people. And frequently those rest obtain him into problem and can create a predicament tough as exhibited in “the authentic Glitch specialists”.


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She is big, very thin, and also has fairly dark bronze surface. He has a puffy hair style with an universe blueish-purple/indigo shade, alongside thinner arms and legs.

In the relaxed wear, they can frequently be observed wearing an eco-friendly graphical t-shirt with a black color elbow size shirt below. He also sport events grey thin pants and some Hinobi sneakers. Occasionally he or she dons an eco-friendly hoodie using wide variety “5” upon it. On other affair, he is able to be viewed dressed in a new shirt through the artwork eco-friendly t-shirt like a yellow one out of “BUDS” plus a flashback in “Collection pursuit”. In “Ralphie carry”, Five can be found having on a white Ralphie carry themed tee. Five can also be watched putting on a yellow hoodie with “05” about it most briefly once Miko needed your with Lexi’s phone in “period of Hinobi”

While getting work done in the Hinobi store, his clothes is still equal except the man dons a blue Hinobi polo t-shirt over his or her black bend size shirt in place of one of his graphical tees.

Seven may also be noticed sporting an ordinary Hinobi technology help jumpsuit, and then he is also seen using bug computer armor if their technical gauntlet is turned on.


Miko was four’s companion and something of his close friends. They appreciates moving time period along with her at work and from the jawhorse, and so they usually have fun with activities jointly. He’s got a lot of trust in this lady: regardless if Mitch revealed she might be a glitch with a really solid assertion for the occurrence “discover the Glitch”, Five argued which it failed to topic because he would carry on trustworthy the.